Grand Ironies

Have you ever noted (I’m sure you have) how nearly all things precious, joyous, and worthwhile–both spiritual and otherwise–require the rather unenjoyable task of discipline to either obtain or improve them?

Most of us already know this. But when you think about it, there is a sort of revelation of how mysterious the Ways of God are, hidden in that fact. It seems backwards and perplexing to our minds. But it is just a reminder that God’s marvelous designs are way over our head–but they still work; and they’re still marvelous.

To innately undisciplined humanity, consistently doing the things we dislike to do seems like we are winding ourselves up in very long, very heavy chains. And yet, once we have done a thing long enough, we begin to realize that we were enslaved–to our whims, passions, and fancies–and only now, through self-control, are we liberated. Chain-free.

Want to be free? Surrender.

Want to be liberated? Submit.

Want life everlasting? Die to self.

Results that abound in contentment and rare happiness are achieved through acting in such a way that seems counterproductive. Ironic. A bit of a puzzle. But effective. And just like the superior Wisdom of God.

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